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Please note that MOST of these Prints are Limited Editions. To see all the listed artwork, please click on the "Enter Gallery Here" button at the top of the page. If you are on a mobile device; click on the 3 lines at the top of the page to enter this Gallery. 

New Artwork will be posted as soon as they become available. 

At this time, Shipping outside of the United States of America is extremely expensive ((Excluding Original Oil Paintings which are ridiculously expensive to ship overseas)).

If you are overseas, or in Canada, and would like to buy a Fine Art Print (or even an original oil painting or drawing) and you are willing to pay the shipping fee, please send me an email and I will let you know the exact amount of the shipping cost to your country... after I get the information from the Postal Services.

There is FREE shipping on all qualified orders within the Continental U.S. This includes original oil paintings as well.

I hope to make you a collector of my art; and I'd love for you to watch this painting journey of mine for many years to come.

Thank you for stopping by my website. - Matthew Baxter

Nature's Beauty

- Artist Matthew Baxter


Tim Tebow

Oil Painting of Tim Tebow with John 3:16 face-paint under his eyes. To Purchase this Print, Please Enter the Gallery At The Top of This Page. Five Print Sizes Available. 


What is The Maximalist Painting Style

Maximalism is an oil painting style where the realistic image is built from real information (whatever, that information may be). It's much like building a house where the foundation is laid down first, then the walls, and roof etc. But this type of painting combines many subject matters together to build a unique piece of artwork. Artwork that tells a complex visual story. By using many subject matters such as real music, mathematics, physics, ancient languages, religious views, etc. These combine to form a realistic image literally made from layers of information. Not all of my work is made this way; however, many of them are. I do believe I am the only artist currently painting in this style. Can you spot the maximalist paintings I've created?

How Real Music is Added

Some of the subject matter that I use in my paintings are made from real musical notes. I am not a musician so I must first figure out what the notes are for both bass clef and treble clef notes. I use piano notes for my paintings. Then I figure the notes from lowest note to highest note. The low notes are the dark colors and the high notes are the lightest colors. Can you spot the musical notes in the Cardinals painting?

"The Wise Owl" 14"x 36"

                           "The Big Cat"

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                     "Bee in The Red Flower"

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                             "Playing For Keeps"

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                                  "The List"

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       "Just A Girl... Her Dog, and Her Boots"

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About The Artist

I began oil painting in the summer of 2013, ( I did try my hand at acrylic painting ((badly)) in 2012), mainly as a hobby to help me get through a serious illness. I am self taught; however, I could always draw rather well as a child (just above average).

With that said, there was certainly nothing to suggest that I could make a living from my art, so I enlisted into the United States Military. I served eight years in the U.S Navy before switching branches to the U.S Army. After my military service, I served my local community as a Police Officer... but fortunately... or unfortunately depending on one's view... God had other plans for me and I somehow contracted a rare disease called Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick bite. It's a lot like winning the lottery but the other way around.

I barely survived it. During my time being bed ridden with an illness straight from hell, I began painting. I also became the stay at home dad to our five children and my wife now goes to work to pay the bills (lucky lady). I'm as they say, the trophy husband. Yay! I'm not the average artist by far. I bring to the table a lifetime of unique experiences which set me apart from other wonderful artists. I'm just getting started too.

Fact is... I'm a painter. I've always been a painter; I just haven't painted anything until now. When you purchase artwork from me; I can in turn, purchase more art supplies. Art supplies are expensive. If I can purchase the supplies, then I'll be able to create paintings that have never been seen before. True originality, which is rare to find these days, is constantly sought after... but mostly for people to profit from it. I'm not after wealth from my painting; I just am, my aim is only to paint with originality, and to glorify God.  

Art is truly a luxury that few can afford; however, I try to keep my prices within affordable limits. My fine art prints are unique because I make them myself. It's my photography and printing that you are purchasing. Anybody in America can afford my fine art prints. I can tailor a commission to most budgets (depending on the size and materials used), so contact me to find out prices and availability. May God Bless you. 

- Matthew Baxter